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| 2017 July 25

Learn English as a foreign language

Learn English as a foreign language

Coming soon

Exploring English is a complete curriculum meant to learn English as a foreign language. It is a material to learn English, to do English and to experience English. This curriculum has been developed from the ‘learning by doing’ perspective and contains a lot of Montessori elements. It starts from the principle that children have the intrinsic desire to learn. With the right guidance and the right environment they will learn to express themselves in the English language. Eventually they will realize that the limits of their language, are the limits to their world.

Download Exploring English Introduction Folder


Exploring English contains 3 perspectives: About meAround me and The world around me. These 3 perspectives are divided in several themes, like:

  • animals
  • food
  • emotions
  • time
  • curiosity

Exploring English is written by AVE.IK, a Dutch Montessori organization, with a lot of experience in teacher training, management training, school consulting and developing materials that enrich the Montessori classroom.


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