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Where to buy

Where to buy

New online shop

Next to our brand new site and shops for the Netherlands, Germany and USA we introduce a shop for Europe. We serve you with the same team, the same drive and selling the same familiar high-quality Nienhuis Montessori, Educo, Jegro and Arts & Crafts (educational) products. A great step towards our mission to support the growth and development of children worldwide.

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In addition, Nienhuis products are available worldwide through over 80 distributors, all of whom share our passion for education. Select your country to contact one of our distributors.

Did you know…

Our Educo curriculum is perfectly suited for meaningful after school activities in a Montessori (pre-school).

Our Jegro range has products that form a wonderful extension to the Montessori materials. For example, when a child has mastered the decimal fraction materials, it can put this immediately into practice with Jegro’s Euro banknotes and coins, the length domino and the percentage domino.

Our Arts & Crafts products are a wonderful extension to the Nienhuis range. Wouldn’t the high quality paint be a perfect practice while the child is mastering the colors with the color tablets?

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