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Learn English as a foreign language

| 2017/07/25

Coming soon Exploring English is a complete curriculum meant to learn English as a foreign language. It is a material to learn English, to do English and to experience English. This curriculum has been developed from the ‘learning by doing’ perspective and contains a lot of Montessori elements. It starts from the principle that children have the intrinsic desire to learn. With the right guidance and the right environment they will learn to express themselves in the English language. Eventually they will realize that the limits of their language, are the limits to their world. Download Exploring English Introduction Folder CONTENTS Exploring English contains 3 perspectives: About me, Around me and The world around...

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6th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat

| 2017/10/20

Save the date: 20th – 22nd October 2017 We are very pleased to announce our 6th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat, which will take place in Zelhem, The Netherlands from 20th – 22nd October 2017 at the head office of Nienhuis Montessori. We already set the theme of this year’s Retreat, namely ‘Inspired by Nature’. The European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat Every year in many countries Montessori conferences and refresher courses are being organised by national and European Montessori Associations. Of course all these events are very valuable for extending people’s knowledge of Montessori education and exchanging experiences and ideas. Nienhuis Montessori has been organising the so-called Nienhuis Montessori Days, together with many experienced Montessorians....

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Preview: The Story Of The King Of Peace

| 2016/10/13

Story Telling: The King of Peace A long time ago, in a very large country, there were four Kings. Each of these Kings lived separately in their own Kingdom. A very wide, impressive river ran through the country and separated the kingdoms. One kingdom was located on the south side of the river, and the other three on the north side. The three Kings living on the north side of the river all had their own castles. One was called the Red King, another was called the Blue King, and the last was the Yellow King. Each had an entourage of two bodyguards dressed in black and six attendants. On the south...

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Why Montessori Education Works!

| 2016/06/07

Montessori has sure had its criticism all over the world, but there are also strong advocates for Montessori education. Here we take a look at why Montessori education works, as we believe it certainly does. Montessori is not a trend If you’re reading this article, you might have experienced the fact that often schools will jump from one trend of teaching to another. As something new comes out, so a curriculum changes, moving onto the next big thing. Schools spend thousands of dollars on new programmes and then 2 years later, there’s something better out there. The beauty of Montessori is that the principles of teaching, the philosophy and the...

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30th Montessori Anniversary

| 2016/05/28

Save the date: 28 - 29 May 2016 Location: Neuchâtel, Swiss Montessori Centre, Switzerland Invitation Montessori Days in Neuchâtel 2016 On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May we will celebrate the 30 years of Montessori in Neuchâtel. AMI President Philip O’BRIEN will give a lecture and the Mayor of Neuchâtel Thomas Facchinetti, will speak and offer an Apéritif in the Museum of Art and History (2 min. walk from Swiss Montessori Centre).    AMI specialists will treat the Montessori Teacher’s role from 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years of age. Professor Paola Trabalzini will lecture about the Teacher’s role of Maria Montessori herself. In addition, get 20% discount on Montessori materials during the Conference....

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20th Anniversary Nienhuis B.V. in Sri Lanka

| 2016/02/01

How did it all start? It all started in 1995 as a buying office of Nienhuis B.V. in Sri Lanka, in the same year Nienhuis B.V took over manufacturing. From that point onwards Nienhuis Asia has grown to become a fully fledge manufacturing facility. Current situation Now we make almost all Nienhuis branded products in Sri Lanka. We have a fully equipped manufacturing facility and a climate controlled warehouse. More about people Altogether 150 people are working, including 130 factory workers, 20 executive and management staff. We operate as an independent unit. In addition to manufacturing all accounting and procurement are also done by this staff. We are also doing product design and development also here...

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How important are the Montessori Materials?

| 2015/11/19

Interesting article by Angeline Lillard. She is Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia and author of the award winning book Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius writes about the preponderance of non Montessori materials that she sees in many Montessori environments and considers the effect that these materials may be having on the effective application of the Montessori approach. View article  

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Beautiful Montessori school Freesoul International Kindergarten in Shanghai

| 2015/10/27

This beautiful Montessori Freesoul International Kindergarten in Shanghai is well equipped with our Nienhuis Montessori materials. We love to see such a lovely and homely environment. A place where children must feel welcome, happy and safe. Also have a beautiful or inspiring picture? Share it with us and we will share it to the world on our Facebook page! Please send a mail to About Freesoul International Kindergarten Freesoul International Kindergarten is the kindergarten brand of Shanghai Montessori education group. Freesoul is aim to achieve the balanced development of kids’ personality, mind and physical to cultivate their excellent and perfect moral value. Freesoul creates the most suitable international bilingual education environment for kids’ development...

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Nienhuis Montessori Newsletter – Stay up-to-date

| 2015/09/18

In all our activities, we always want to serve Montessori education in the best possible way. We continue to develop valuable new products, present them in a beautiful way in our catalogue and organize events to contribute to your daily practice in the classroom. To share our knowledge and information, we will provide you with a newsletter and regulary update our Facebook page where we all can contribute to our central role in education, the development of the child. The newsletter contains information about educational Montessori developments. Furtermore we offer lecture ideas and new Montessorial material. Besides we will announce Montessori events, retreats and congress. N Suggestions or newsletters ideas?...

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Introducing Lecture ideas

| 2015/09/18

Development isn’t something you do alone. We believe in education and collaboration. We love to share our knowledge and stimulate children’s desire to learn. Based on key elements of the Montessori education we encourage attention, involvement and perfection. These elements are not just critical to the use of materials but also form the basis for their creation. At Nienhuis, we combine skills with advanced technology and modern equipment. These inspiration lectures are created to share knowledge by for example combining learning goals of Montessori materials. To stimulate and inspire, we share monthly inspiration lectures to discover their individual talents. Together with us. Suggestions or product ideas? We love to collaborate and share knowledge. So...

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