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People behind the brand

Since more than 8 years already I have been representing the brand Nienhuis Montessori with a lot of passion and devotion. You probably have met me somewhere around the globe at one of the many Montessori conferences or congresses. Or, maybe even during your visit to our head office in The Netherlands.

My background is International Marketing. However, when I started working for our company, I did not hesitate to take Montessori training 3 to 6 and 6 to 12 at the Pedagogical University of Arnhem in The Netherlands. During this training course I wrote a special paper on the age group 0 to 3, mainly because my oldest daughter was a toddler at that time. I’m also a member of the Nienhuis Montessori product development team, where we discuss the classic Montessori materials, but also  submit proposals for new developments. With this team of specialists, we made a contribution to the wide range of 0 to 3 materials and furniture Nienhuis offers nowadays. I also represent Nienhuis during the meetings with the AMI Material Committee.

My working area is Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, so I have seen Montessori education in many different countries and cultures. We also have a huge network in which we are in contact with local governmental authorities, local and international Montessori Associations, school suppliers and distributors, and schools and teachers.

Chris Willemsen

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