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An extensive range of Montessori Books
New insights to child development 
Providing the highest quality of Montessori materials is of course Nienhuis Montessori’s main task. However, providing classrooms with materials that aren’t used properly is useless. To ensure proper use of our materials, a well-trained Montessori teacher who has an extensive knowledge of child development in general and of Montessori education in particular is needed. 

This is why we offer an extensive variety of Montessori Books, Publications and DVD’s. We offer all of Maria Montessori’s writings, as well as a large assortment of books for parents, for teachers, about Dr Montessori… We constantly add new titles to our collection in order to reach out to a wider public and in order to support Montessori experts with work that has never been published before and work that give new insights to child development and Montessori education.

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