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Advancing the Legacy

It goes without saying that Nienhuis Montessori strongly honors the Legacy created by Maria and Mario Montessori. It is a gift from the past, to create a better future.

Our new material development 

We think a classroom should not be a museum, but a dynamic learning environment where children will be challenged and inspired to learn new things. That is why we are continuously looking for new product ideas to materialize everything a child should learn. We design these new materials based upon the key principles of a Montessori material. It should be attractive, it should contain a control of error, it should isolate one learning objective and it should have an interrelation with other materials or subjects. We advance the Legacy! Please find a selection of our new products below.

Infant/Toddler 0-3

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Early Childhood 3-6

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Elementary 6-9

Elementary 6-9

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Elementary 9-12

Elementary 9-12

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Product improvements

Did you know that the Red Rods used to be green in the past?
Also Montessori materials are subject to change
It is frequently said that Montessori materials have not changed in over a hundred years, but to be honest, they have changed. Did you know for example that in the past the ‘Red Rods’ used to be green? Or does anyone remember that the red and yellow ‘Coloured Cylinders’ were once white and orange, and that the Geometric Insets were once red and white? We also were amazed to find that even the ‘Brown Stair’ once was blue.

So Montessori materials are subject to change. In the beginning Maria Montessori, as a result of her observations, occasionally changed the materials herself. Later on the Material Committee of the AMI has initiated changes, sometimes suggested by the manufacturer. We thought it might be a good idea to bring you up to date on some of the changes Nienhuis Montessori recently made.

Product changes...

  • Sandpaper Letters

    Instead of preducing the sandpaper letters in many different fonts, we are now offering this material in three versions; US cursive, International cursive and International print. From a quantity of 100 pieces, we can make them in your own font. 

  • Blue triangles

    Nienhuis has always made the 12 Identical Blue Triangles entirely blue. We have been made aware by the AMI Material Committee that one side has to be blue and the other white, which is required for some elementary exercises. 

  • Checker Boards

    Nienhuis Montessori has always made de Checker Boards in wood. We now make the surface of the Chequer Boards out of carpet on which the colour-coded squares are digitally printed. This prevents the bead bars from sliding.

  • Stamp Game

    The tiles of the Stamp Game are now made out of acryllic glass, which makes them much more attractive and durable. It also enables us to center the number properly on the tiles, which use to be difficult with the wooden tiles.

Questions about our new products?

Do you have specific questions about our products, or do you have questions about custom solutions you’d like to discuss? Do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service for customized advise.

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