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7th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat

Join us during the 7th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat

7th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat

We are very pleased to announce our 7th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat, which will take place in Zelhem, The Netherlands from 9-10-11 November 2018 at the head office of Nienhuis Montessori. This year's theme is 'A journey through the planes of development'.
Discover Why You Want to Join the 7th European Montessori Retreat
During the Retreat you will be informed, inspired and you will get a lot of new insights and energy to inspire your Montessori classroom.

Why you don't want to miss the European Montessori Retreat:
  • Extend your knowledge of Montessori education
  • Gather, share and exchange experiences and ideas 
  • Get inspired by new insights and inspiration
  • A high quality programme and a variated schedule
  • Get support and be informed by AMI trainers during the complete weekend
  • An European forum for sharing and conversation
  • 20% discount on all Montessori material during the Retreat
The price for this weekend is only 75 euro including 2 x a delicious dinner and a refreshing lunch. Finish your registration by clicking on the button below and fill out the form. We are looking forward to welcome you during this special event.

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Retreat Schedule

In our programme booklet you will find the Retreat schedule for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning. 

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Special offer

During this weekend Nienhuis Montessori offers you a 20% discount on all orders. Please feel free to benefit from this generous offer during the Reatreat! 

Practical information

The costs for this Montessori Retreat will be 75 euro per person. Except for breakfast all dinners and drinks are included (2 x dinner & 1 x lunch). 

Our address is Nienhuis Montessori, Industriepark 14, 7021 BL Zelhem. Zelhem is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands near the German border. There are different ways to reach us:

By car from Germany
Follow the highway A3 from Oberhausen to Arnhem. Just when you crossed the border you need to take exit number 30 with direction Doetinchem. Turn left at the end of the exit. Take highway A18 with direction Doetinchem. Leave the highway at the exit which shows ‘Zelhem’. Follow the signs ‘Zelhem’. Nienhuis Montessori is located at the Industrial Area named ‘Het Blek’. When you have reached a roundabout you take the first exit. Turn left at the 2nd road on the left. This is Industriepark and our company (a white building) is located at your right hands side, no. 14.

By plane/train from Amsterdam
You can easily plan your journey from Amsterdam to Zelhem by using www.9292.nl. This is the national public transport website which is used in the Netherlands.

In order to find a place to stay you can use the familiar websites to find hotels like www.booking.com or www.trivago.com. Another possibility is to stay at an affordable rate at a bed & breakfast nearby our company. You can use www.bedandbreakfast.nl to find a b&b nearby our company. 

Register for the Retreat

Would you like to join the 7th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat? Please continue, fill out the form and you will receive a confirmation. 

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  • Patricia Wallner | 0 – 3

    Patricia Wallner has been working in Montessori since 1970. She took her AMI 3-6 diploma in Washington D.C. and the 0-3 diploma in Houston, Texas with Dr. Silvana Montanaro. For 17 years she worked in a bilingual Infant Community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she lives. In 1995 she began the Training of Training program supported by the Association Montessori Internationale and during her training earned a Master’s degree in Education. She has trained students and lectured in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. Her goal is to promote Montessori, especially for the 0-3 age group in Europe.

  • Madlena Ulrich | 3-6

    Madlena Ulrich spent her childhood in Germany and attended a Montessori Elementary school there. She moved to Norway as an adolescent and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree as a preschool teacher and is about to finish a Master’s degree in pedagogy at the university College of Vestfold, Norway. She took her original AMI 3-6 training at Mount St. Mary’s Montessori College in Dublin, Ireland. Since 1995 she has worked in the classroom and has been involved in the development of Montessori in Norway by giving lectures and serving as Vice President on the board for the national association NMF. In 2008 she started on her Training of Trainer’s, spending two years with Molly O’Shaughnessy in Minnesota and a Summer course with Ulla Wikefeldt in Sweden. She is currently part of the AMI faculty in China and lectures in Norway as well as in many other coutnries.

  • Carla Foster | 6-12

    Carla Foster is originally from California, but has lived the last 14 years in Norway. She graduated from UC Berkeley, California with bachelor’s degrees in Social Anthropology and Scandinavian Studies and a masters in Old Icelandic Literature and Norwegian Literature. She has her AMI 3 - 6 diploma from the MMTO in London in 1984 and her AMI 6-12 diploma from Milwaukee in 1990 and has been working with elementary children since 1990. She had her own class in Norway for 12 years before joining the AMI Trainer of Trainers programme. Since then she has assisted on the AMI 6-12 summer course in London with Ann Dunne and the AMI 6-12 course in Chennai with Jean Miller. Any spare time is spent doing various forms of dance.

  • Jenny Marie Höglund | 12-18

    Jenny Marie holds AMI diplomas for the ages 3-6 and 6-12. She has mainly worked with the 6-12 and 12-18 (adolescents). She also holds a M.Ed. and she is an established AMI Elementary trainer. Jenny-Marie was one of the founders of the Montessori School “Lära för Livet” in Varberg, Sweden in 1995, teaching children from 1 till 16 years of age. She founded and runs the first and so far the only Swedish Montessori Farm School. Jenny-Marie has taught elementary and adolescent students for over twenty-three years. She has been serving as head of school since 2006. She has also lectured at the International Centre for Montessori Studies Foundation-Bergamo (CISM), in Italy since 2006.

The Planes of Development

I have found that in his development, the child passes through certain phases, each of which has its own particular needs. The characteristics of each are so different that the passages from one phase to another have been described by certain psychologists as ‘rebirths’.
(Montessori, “The Four Planes of Education”, p.1, reprinted in 2004)
Montessori termed the stages from birth to adulthood “The Planes of Development.” While other developmental theorists focused on one particular aspect of development, or stage of development, Montessori’s view is holistic; it takes into account the social, cognitive, moral, and biological changes of the individual from birth to maturity. These stages address the ways that personality, cognitive ability, and behavior change during each distinct phase. It is important that we fully understand this framework because it explains and justifies Montessori’s idea of education as “an aid to life.” Understanding the characteristics and needs of the child at each stage allows the adult to support the natural unfolding of life. 
  • Infancy | 0-6

    Absorbent mind | Help me do it myself
    • Physical and biological independence
    • Exploring the environment through the senses (WHAT?)
    • Weak health
    • Great physical and psychological changes

  • Childhood | 6-12

    Reasoning mind | Help me think
    • intellectual independence 
    • exploring ideas and information (WHY? HOW?)
    • strong health 
    • Uniform growth

  • Adolesence | 12-18

    Humanist mind | Help me think with you
    • social economical and emotional independence
    • transition from family life to life in society
    • Weak health
    • Great physical and psychological changes


From Montessori Days to Montessori Retreat

Every year in many countries Montessori conferences and refresher courses are being organised by national and European Montessori Associations. Of course all these events are very valuable for extending people’s knowledge of Montessori education and exchanging experiences and ideas.

Nienhuis Montessori has been organising the so-called Nienhuis Montessori Days, together with many experienced Montessorians. These montessori days has been organised in several countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, South Tirol (I), Poland and Czech Republic. Mostly on a national level. These days have become more and more popular. The main reason for this increasing popularity probably is the quality of the programme and the affordable price of these days. We have always had the support of many AMI trainers, AMI trained teachers or very experienced Montessorians with another background. One of these persons is living in The Netherlands, namely Patricia Wallner, AMI trainer 0 – 3.

Nienhuis Montessori had the first experience of a new event format, namely an European forum for sharing and conversation. The main idea was to gather, share and exchange experiences and ideas in an informal setting and to extends people knowledge of Montessori education. The name chosen for this Montessori event was Montessori Retreat.

Join us

We are looking forward to meet you!