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Furniture for Infant / Toddler

For over 80 years, Nienhuis has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality Montessori apparatus and furniture worldwide. In particular, we have consistently focused our vision on producing furniture made of only the finest woods. We also have taken care that our design is not only perfectly suitable for the children and the needs of the classroom, but also considers our responsibility for the environment as a whole.

With the purchase of Nienhuis by The Heutink Group in 2007, many doors were opened. Not only did we become a member of a high quality, well known, prominent group of companies focused on education, but we were also given access to the specialized companies within this network. Our first collaboration was with Kids-F – a first-rate furniture company. Our teams joined forces and designed a fresh, full line of Montessori furniture and cabinets.

Our chairs and tables were redesigned to comply with the EN 1729 European Standard, which is focused on optimum comfort and posture for the children. The frames and seats of the chairs are made of solid beech wood; the backs are formed of top-quality beech plywood. To facilitate cleaning and long-term durability, the non-toxic finishes are double-coated lacquer and there is a scratch-resistant coating applied to the tabletops.

This new series of furniture will for certain enhance your Montessori classroom. Although many of the same concepts used in designing furniture for the older child’s environment apply in an Infant / Toddler environment, due to the size and developmental age of these young children there are a number of important factors that must be considered. One of the key concepts in this environment is learning to be independent. Rather than using the traditional ‘high’ chairs, which rely on adult intervention, the furniture is lower in height and smaller in size. Take for example the Weaning Table and Chair, these pieces are specifically designed for an infant as young as 6 months. They are low to the ground and the seat of the chair is deeper to allow the infant to sit with crossed legs further enhancing their stability.

The Infant shelves are open, and low to the ground with only a top and bottom shelf. This allows both the infant and the teacher to see through the shelves while maintaining a safe barrier. The Toddler tables and chairs stand a bit higher, and the Toddler shelving has a center shelf for additional material storage. Our Infant / Toddler line of furniture is made from birch wood and the finishes are double-coated lacquer to facilitate cleaning and for long-term durability.