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Grow with Heutink

We design, develop, produce and distribute educational products
For over a century, Heutink has brought craftsmanship and quality to educational supplies. The Netherlands-based family business was founded by Reinier Willem Heutink in 1911. Today, third generation Jessica Heutink and son-in-law Henk Fokke, lead the Heutink Group as a multi-national distribution and manufacturing business with a forward thinking global vision. 

Nienhuis Montesorri becomes part of the Heutink Group
In 2007 the Heutink Group bought the company Nienhuis Montessori, which was founded in 1929. Since the beginning of 2015 we introduced 3 new educational brands in the US market.

We added the Educo and Jegro brands to our portfolio, educational materials for children from 3-6 (Educo) and 6-12 years old (Jegro). We can also offer a very large selection of the best, high quality Arts and Crafts materials.

By adding theses three brands to our portfolio, Heutink International is nowadays your one-stop-shop schoolsupplier for the best educational materials from the age 0 to 12, entirely based on national and international educational guidelines and curricula.
  • Nienhuis Montessori

    World's leading Montessori brand, which honors and continues the legacy of Maria Montessori and manufactures the widest range of materials.

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  • Educo

    Educo provides play-based learning through active hands-on products that inspire growth and success in children aged 4-6 years.

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  • Jegro

    Jegro's educational products give insight into challenging and abstract subjects for children in the age of 6-12 years.

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  • Arts & crafts

    Enable children to be creative, to use their imagination and to explore their artistic performance.

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The Heutink Foundation

Every child deserves a chance to shine
In 2016, Jessica Heutink starts The Heutink Foundation in response to worldwide poverty. Poverty can result in children not being able to participate in cultural activities, even though these activities can make a significant contribution to the development of talent, promoting positive self-esteem, highlighting emotional intelligence and helping to mitigate trauma.

The Heutink Foundation is committed to helping children and young people in poor, disadvantaged or uncertain situations to actively participate in activities which might otherwise be denied them – examples being a dance performance, music or an art exhibition. We do this by supporting existing worldwide projects that are in line with our vision and objectives. Our support is either financially or with relevant materials. 

The Heutink Foundation belongs to all of us

Jessica Heutink: "There have been ever increasing requests to support the wonderful projects taking place worldwide. The Heutink Foundation and all of the companies which are part of the Heutink Group try to contribute to the positive development of children through group activities in the field of art and culture. We strive to create memories. Together we can reach far more." Visit the Heutink Foundation website and find out what you can do to contribute.

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