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Infant / Toddler 0 - 3

Infant / Toddler Materials

Continuing efforts at Nienhuis Montessori have produced an important extension to our spectrum of materials. Extensive research and consulting with experts in the Infant / Toddler field has resulted in a unique line of Infant / Toddler Montessori materials. We continually are expanding this line with new, innovative, specialized products that perfectly suit the Infant / Toddler community.

Each new human being, from conception to maturity, forms himself or herself, taking from the environment (the womb, the home, the community) the materials for self-construction. In the first two months of life, the infant, having moved from the comfort of the womb, learns to trust the new outside world. During the rest of the first year of life, infants learn to trust in themselves: ‘I can do; I am able.’ In the next two years, they confirm that they are able to act in the world: ‘I am worthwhile; I can contribute.’ The overall goal, one that overshadows the particular goals of ‘curriculum areas’, is a profound self-esteem and a healthy, happy, strong self-image.

The Montessori classroom is prepared to help children accomplish their goals in their own manner, whether we call it work or play. Gradually the children reveal qualities for which they are not usually given credit, such as intense concentration and surprising attention span; exactness and precise movement; a sense of order; maximum effort even by very little ones; self discipline and respect for others; peacefulness and kindness; and an obvious joy in ‘work’. The classroom is a prepared environment designed to support the child’s need for purposeful activity. It is a children’s house: the furniture is easily moved, pictures are hung at a child’s eyelevel, plants are easily watered by children. The sink is not a toy, but a real, child-sized sink. There are many carefully designed materials to meet the child’s natural interest. The atmosphere is positive, supportive and noncompetitive. The Infant / Toddler materials may look simple, but they are precisely designed, based on years of observation, experiment and study..