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A classroom should be a dynamic learning environment in which things move, things change, things are added and things are removed. Maria Montessori also kept adding new materials in the course of her life and this is something Nienhuis is still doing, with the help of the AMI-specialists and other Montessori experts.

We have added 50 new materials to our range that will enrich practical life exercises for both 0 - 3 and 3 - 6 environments. On top of this we have added 4 series of 5 infant toddler puzzles that will give young children a sense of reality and enrich their vocabulary.

We have also started a close cooperation with Montessori Football, a sports concept for Montessori kindergartens. Many child-size sports materials will be developed as a result of this cooperation, a beautiful ball and pump to start with.

Last but certainly not least we have developed a beautiful Toddler Puzzle to celebrate Maria Montessori’s 150th birthday.

Montessori Football

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Maria Montessori 150 Years

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