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The Prepared Environment - from our environment to yours

Montessori education seeks to provide children with environments ideally suited to each stage of development; this allows them to respond to the inner call of specific ‘sensitivities’ and gives them the freedom to act in accordance with their innate human tendencies. Thus, if education is viewed as a method to fulfil the optimum potential of the human being in every facet of his emerging personality, this ‘prepared environment’ provides a secure and permanent foundation on which to base development. The prepared environment is different for each developmental plane but guided by the same principles. The prepared environment and the role of the guide in the prepared environment distinguish Montessori from other approaches to support the development of the human being. The special environments enable to perform various tasks which induce thinking about relationships. The logical, sequential nature of the environment provides orderly structures which guide discovery and activity: theorems are discovered, not presented; spelling rules are derived through recognition of patterns, not merely memorized. All activities help to build confidence and self-esteem. Every aspect of the environment involves creative invention and careful, thoughtful analysis. In viewing outcomes at each Montessori level, it must be emphasized that why and how humans arrive at what they know and what they are capable of is just as important as what they know.

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Would you like to join the 1st Asian Nienhuis Montessori Retreat? Please continue, fill out the form and you will receive a confirmation. 

The last date to register for this Montessori Retreat is 29 September 2024

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  • Patricia Wallner

  • Madlena Ulrich

  • Marilyne Maugin

  • Carla Foster

  • Jenny Marie Höglund

  • Jip Bartels

  • Anne Kelly

Practical information

The main language which will be used during this weekend will be English. For larger groups of participants it is possible to organize translation equipment. For this we would like to ask you to bring your own translator. The costs of this will be calculated per group for the full event on top of the regular registration fee. You can send an email to m.demink@heutink.com for any requests regarding translation equipment. Please indicate the size of the group, the language and if you will take your own translator(s).
The costs for this Montessori Retreat will be $250 per person. Except for breakfast all meals and coffee and tea breaks are included (3 x dinner & 3 x lunch). The maximum number of participants is 250.
Special Offer
Special Offer during this weekend Nienhuis Montessori offers you a 25% discount on all orders exclusive of shipping costs. Please feel free to benefit from this generous offer! Please send in your orders in advance by email to sales@heutink.com with the discount code 25-RETREATSL, so that we can already make the necessary preparations.
The venue of the First Asian Nienhuis Montessori Retreat is the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, 77 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka.
How to reach the venue area
There are plenty of taxis on arrival in Colombo. Step outside of the arrival gate and change up a small amount of money enough for the taxi to get you to the city. It will take about 30min drive along the freeway.
Generally speaking, people wish to book their stay by themselves, so we do not offer any accommodation. You can of course stay in the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, but also choose to stay in a hotel nearby that may be a bit more affordable, like the Granbell Hotel Colombo or Ramada Colombo. There are quite a few options in the direct proximity of the venue.

You can register by using the following link: https://nienhuisretreat-sl.paperform.co/.

The last date to register for this Montessori Retreat is 29 September 2024.


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