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A grateful visit to Nienhuis Asia

Handing out shoe boxes filled with schoolsupplies and gifts to children in disadvantaged areas.
| 26 July 2017
A grateful visit to Nienhuis Asia
A grateful visit to Nienhuis Asia

This summer, Henk Fokke and Daniel de Jonge (CEO and CCO of Heutink), visited the Nienhuis factory in Panadura, Sri Lanka to discuss forthcoming plans over the next few years.

Fortunately they were able to combine their factory trip with a visit to two nearby disadvantaged schools to hand out little presents from the Heutink Foundation and the Edukans Shoe Box Appeal.

Daniel: "It was tremendously impressive to see all the children in their uniforms sitting nearly in a row. Everyone had a smile on their face and the sat in order from youngest to oldest. At first, children sat in silence, awe-struck by the two tall men who were visiting their school. However we got them to loosen up by getting them sing and clap.

Afterwards we handed out the shoe boxes. Some of the children jumped up for joy as, besides the schoolmaterials, there were also toys in their very own shoe box. Something they rarely get. The children were extremely happy and very grateful. After our two wonderful visits, Edukans carried on further to an area that had recently been flooded. I know for certain that they made a lot of children happy there too. We are very grateful we could make this contribution on behalf of the Heutink Foundation."