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Child care in Sri Lanka

Educational sponsorship
| 28 July 2017
Child care in Sri Lanka
Child care in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka most children start Montessori preschool when they are 2.5 to 5 years old. Both regular preschool method and Montessori method are being taught.

According to the Sri Lankan law, it is compulsory that all children go to school untill the ninth grade. This is seen as a fundamental right of children. At the age of 6, children start their primary education. At the end of this five to six years period, students may elect to participate in a competitive national examination in order to get selected for a scholarship that allows high achievers to move on to better schools in the country (most often to one of the prestigious schools in Colombo). Those who do not qualify for such a scholarship, continue their education at the same school. 

What we currently do
When selecting eligible parents, we follow the below mentioned criteria: 
  • Every legally married employee of Nienhuis Asia with children attending school 
  • Per couple, a maximum of two children who attend school may receive a sponsorship 
  • Each sponsorship equals 1.500 LKR (approximately 10 EUR) every three months per student 
  • Each employee must have a confirmation of his or her employment
In order to claim the educational sponsorship the employee must also submit a duly filled in application form that is officially stamped with the school’s rubber stamp and signed by the school teacher, as well as a written statement of the principal of the child’s school stating the progress the child has made, any special concerns, etc. Furthermore, the employee must, every three months, submit the original progress report(s) of his or her child or children in order for us to determine whether or not the child is in fact attending school and is progressing in his/her education. After examination by HR, the original progress report(s) will be returned. Currently we provide sponsorships for 58 children of employees.