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Dioses De Civilizaciones Antiguas

Dioses De Civilizaciones Antiguas
Article number: ELCSP5081
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This set of nomenclature examines facts and ideas relating to over 80 gods. Set Includes: • 3 part Nomenclature Cards • Control Charts • Booklets for each culture Done in full color this nomenclature can be used as a standalone activity or as a supplementary activity to Línea de la Civilizaciones del Hombre (TLSP-027). Your children can explore facts about gods from the: • Ancient Babylonians (12 Gods) • Ancient Mayans (10 Gods) • Ancient Egyptians (14 Gods) • Hindu (16 Gods) • Ancient Scandinavians - Norse (10 Gods) • Ancient Greeks (12 Gods) • Ancient Romans (12 Gods)

Brand ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 9 years