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Elementary School

"Montessori is a philosophy. The goal is to create a humanistic, respectful individual, to develop the full potential of a person in every area."
The child has reached the point of abstract thinking
Children between the ages of 6 and 12 reach the pinnacle of their mental abilities. Now able to form hypotheses, to use logic and reason, to glean information through research, and to make knowledgeable assumptions and suppositions; the child has reached the point of abstract thinking.

This is a period of strong social interaction in which the child’s moral compass has advanced beyond the simple idea of fairness, to a desire to not only comprehend why humans act and react as they do, but to discover ways of solving societal problems. Students develop both academic and social skills that they will use in their adult professional and private lives. For instance working with others, group problem-solving, respectful conflict resolution, leadership, empathy, and compassion.

The Elementary program inspires and encourages

  • deeper exploration

    of history, the sciences, geography and the subjects of Montessori cultural studies, in an atmosphere that promotes intens concentration.

  • collaboration

    peer instruction and a continued focus on following the student’s interests, fuel the flame of inspiration that was ignited in the Preschool Program and burned throughout the Lower Elementary Program.


Peer instruction and a continued focus

A deeper exploration of

  • Language

    The educator, who is aware of language as a vital human expression, knows that language is not something taught by another, but something created by the children themselves.

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  • Mathematics

    Our Math Materials are the most glamorous. They are beautiful, showy, and in their simplicity, supremely intelligent. They give children a sensorial experience of the abstraction called mathematics.

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  • Biology

    The Montessori Biology Material stimulate the children’s interest in nature. They provide them with the names of the animals and their parts, the basic leaf shapes, parts of the leaves, parts of the plants, parts of the flower and so on. 

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  • Geometry

    Check out all Nienhuis Montessori Geometry materials for Elementary school (age 6 - 12).

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  • Geography

    With the Geography materials, the child is given the facts of his physical world - that it is a sphere, that this sphere is composed of land masses and bodies of water.

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  • Music

    The Montessori music materials should be a regular part of the children’s everyday environment. It is a regular part of the integrated curriculum.

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  • History

    Stories, time lines and charts aid in the presentation of both natural history and human history.

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  • Fine Arts

    In the Cosmic approach of Montessori education, our Fine Arts materials cannot be missed.

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  • Furniture

    All furniture should support the freedom of choice and the freedom of movement in a Montessori classroom.

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  • Curriculum support

    To complete and support the Montessori curriculum a wide range of curriculum support materials is being offered.

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