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12th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat

We are thrilled to announce our 12th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat, which will take place in Nijverdal, The Netherlands from 4-6 October 2024. This year's title is Freedom within Limits or Limited Freedom refers to one of the most important aspects of Montessori education, namely observation.

Why you don't want to miss the European Montessori Retreat:
  • Extend your knowledge of Montessori education
  • Gather, share and exchange experiences and ideas 
  • Get inspired by AMI trainers during the entire weekend
  • Visit our new Nienhuis Montessori Museum
  • See all our new Nienhuis materials on display
  • A high quality program with attention for all age groups
  • A discount of 20% and free shipping is offered on all orders placed during the weekend
The price for this weekend is only 75 euro. A dinner on Friday, a lunch and dinner on Saturday and all the refreshments throughout the entire weekend are included in the price.

Freedom within Limits or Limited Freedom

The concepts of freedom and discipline are very important concepts for parents and teachers to understand. They are at the very heart of our work with children. It is our understanding of these two ideas, perhaps more than any other, which ultimately determines the degree to which we are able to support children’s development.
Our experience and understanding of freedom and discipline form the subtext that underwrites our relationship with the children. It affects our observations, our interpretations, and our active responses. It affects how we prepare our environment, our daily interactions with children, even our happiness in our own work.
Our attitude towards freedom and discipline cuts right to the core of our deepest motivations. Why do we respond the way we do? Are we adults who will support children’s development, or thwart it? Are we able to replace pride and anger with patience and humility? Understanding freedom and discipline demands that we examine the social, emotional, and cognitive reasons for why we make the choices we do.

“During many years of experiment and observation, I discovered that children learn naturally through activity, and that their characters develop through freedom. But these are general principles, which require practical application, and the Montessori materials have been evolved to meet this need.”

Maria Montessori - Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents, p. 20

Register for the Retreat

Would you like to join the 12th European Nienhuis Montessori Retreat? Please continue, fill out the form and you will receive a confirmation. 

* The last date to register for this Montessori Retreat is 
20 September 2024.

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Practical information

The main language which will be used during this weekend will be English. We would like you to organize your own translator if you need any. 

The costs for this Montessori Retreat will be €75 per person. Except for breakfast all meals and drinks are included (2 x dinner & 1 x lunch). The maximum number of participants is 150. We have set a limit on the number of persons per school to 8. We hope you understand that we would like to let as many schools possible benefit from this beautiful weekend. If you wish to come with more persons, please send an email to m.demink@heutink.com. We will contact you if we have free places left.

Special Offer
Special Offer during this weekend Nienhuis Montessori offers you a 20% discount on all orders and free shipping on all shipments within the EU. Please feel free to benefit from this generous offer! Please send in your orders in advance by email to m.demink@heutink.com, so that we can already make the necessary preparations.

Our address is Heutink, Anders Celsiusstraat 15, 7442 PB Nijverdal, The Netherlands. Nijverdal is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands near the German border. There are different ways to reach us:

By (rental) car
As we are all used to GSP navigation devices nowadays, just enter our new address and we are sure that you will find our new headquarters. It is located about one hour north of our previous headquarters in Zelhem.

By plane/train from Amsterdam
You can easily plan your journey from Amsterdam to Nijverdal by using www.9292.nl. This is the national public transport website which is used in the Netherlands. Make sure that you arrange your own transport from your accommodation to Heutink / Nienhuis and back.

In order to find a place to stay you can use the familiar websites to find hotels like www.booking.com or www.trivago.com. Another possibility is to stay at an affordable rate at a bed & breakfast nearby our company. You can use www.bedandbreakfast.nl to find a b&b nearby our company.

After your registration we will contact you for more detailed information about the participants so that we will be able to prepare your badge for the event.

The last date to register for this Montessori Retreat is 20 September 2024.


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