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Exploring English: a complete curriculum

Exploring English

A complete curriculum to learn, do and experience English

Exploring English is a complete curriculum meant to learn English as a foreign language. It is a material to learn English, to do English and to experience English. This curriculum has been developed from the ‘learning by doing’ perspective and contains a lot of Montessori elements. It starts from the principle that children have the intrinsic desire to learn. With the right guidance and the right environment they will learn to express themselves in the English language. 

Exploring English for Kindergarten

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Exploring English for Lower and Upper Elementary

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Step-by-Step Plan Unpacking

Step-by-Step Plan Unpacking


About the authors

AVE.IK organizes Montessori teacher training and consults Montessori kindergartens and schools. It was founded by Esther Pelgrom and Jacqueline Hendriksen in 2006. Together with fifteen colleagues, they work on effective education, from coach to author, from school supervisor to interim manager.


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Where to buy Exploring English?

  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    Are you from Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Please visit nienhuis.com/de to buy the Exploring English products.

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  • Other European countries

    All other European countries, please visit heutink.com to buy the Exploring English products.

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  • Mid & South America

    Are you from Mid or South America? Please visit heutink.com to buy the Exploring English products.

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