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Exploring English: a complete curriculum

Exploring English

A complete curriculum to learn, do and experience English

Exploring English is a complete curriculum meant to learn English as a foreign language. It is a material to learn English, to do English and to experience English. This curriculum has been developed from the ‘learning by doing’ perspective and contains a lot of Montessori elements. It starts from the principle that children have the intrinsic desire to learn. With the right guidance and the right environment they will learn to express themselves in the English language. 

Exploring English for Kindergarten

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Exploring English for Lower and Upper Elementary

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Inspiration- and Exploration cards

  • Inspiration cards

    The Inspiration Cards are meant to introduce a learning objective in relation to a specific theme. They are meant to inspire. It also offers guidance for the teacher: how do you present it, what do you say, what is your objective and what can you do. The cards contain the objective, the words, the chunks, a presentation and other variations. It also offers ideas for individual and group work.

  • Exploration cards

    The Exploration Cards for lower and upper elementary are presented in boxes. All domains of the ‘Four Strands’ model of Paul Nations are used here: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Children are challenged to start working and will develop their vocabulary in a spontaneous way. By using QR codes that link to a different website, the children will encounter different texts and songs. This makes the learning process very interactive. Most of the exploration cards appeal to the creativity of the child and the teacher. Because of the different levels of difficulty all children can be challenged, so it is perfectly suited for inclusion.


  • Word boxes and picture boxes

    For each theme there are Word Cards and Picture Cards children can relate to. The amount of words is connected to the age of the child. Each box introduces a certain theme.

  • Variation cards

    The Variation Cards can be used together with each and every Word Box and Picture Box. Each box contains approximately 30 activities. An activity can be to make short sentences with the words in the box in combination with the animals box. These variations can foster the child’s creativity and develop its vocabulary. Of course each box can be used several times.

  • Explanations

    The Explanations introduce the English grammar, they can be used both individually and as a group. The children are challenged to use the Explanations together with the Variation Cards and Exploration Cards. Think about writing a variation card in the simple past, practicing grammar and the parts of speech.

Learning by doing

Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.


Step-by-Step Plan Unpacking

Step-by-Step Plan Unpacking



The lower and upper elementary Exploring English can only be ordered as a complete set together with a cabinet, either with or without castors. 

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