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Basic principles

All the tasks are arranged around themes. Some themes return on all the educational levels, while others have been developed specifically for one level. Children learn in different ways, so our material is not linear: children can start in all kinds of ways. Some children start by learning new words. Others start working and expand their vocabulary that way.

Materials for Primary School

  • Picture Boxes

    In junior school the images have QR codes. When a tablet is used, the code refers to a sound fragment. Besides the picture boxes, there are also a few large pictures which can be used for group activities.

  • Inspirations

    The main aim of the Inspirations is to provide pithy learning content according to themes and to inspire children. An Inspiration is a card the teacher can use to introduce a theme or offer learning content. It is the line of the teacher: how do you offer something, what do you say, what is your aim and what kinds of things can you do with the children?  The card gives the goal, the words that can be offered, the chunks (word groups), a presentation and possible variations. There are also various ideas for variations for the children, both individually and in groups.

QR code

On all Picture cards you will find a QR code. Download a QR code app on a tablet or phone and let the child scan the QR code. What does it show?

For the teacher 
Would you like to use a film, a song or do you have a suggestion to support your lesson? AVE.IK selected inspiring links, matching the Inspiration. Do you have any of your own suggestions you would like us to add? Please let us know; we might add them to our list.

Example Film

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