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Infant / Toddler Community

"Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation." - Maria Montessori
In an Infant / Toddler community two age ranges can be distinguished:

Nido (2 months to 12/15 months)
Montessori Infant Community offers babies the Nido: an environment that is specially prepared for babies before they can walk. Parents and carers may join a Parent-Baby Class that gives them opportunities for involvement. It provides an environment in which they may interact with their child, with one another and/or with a Montessori trained adult who guides this interaction. The classes focus on how to observe the child and how to offer appropriate activities.

Toddler (12/15 months to 3 years)
Once children start walking, they may join the Toddler Group in which they develop basic motor coordination, independence and language skills. The Toddlers Classroom is not just a classroom. It is a nurturing environment where very young children for the first time experience structured contact with other children. The Toddler materials may look simple, but based on years of observation, experiment and study they are precisely designed.

Infant / Toddler environment

  • The furniture

    The furniture

    While designing our Infant / Toddler series of furniture some important factors have been considered. The furniture should serve the child’s independence and should allow the child to feel secure.

  • Carefully designed

    Carefully designed

    The Toddler materials may look simple, but they are precisely designed, based on years of observation, experiment and study. All materials support the child's need for purposeful activity. 

  • A supportive environment

    A supportive environment

    Gradually the children reveal qualities such as intense concentration, precise movement, a sense of order, self discipline and respect for others. The atmosphere is positive, supportive and non-competitive, which gives them an obvious joy in 'work'. 

A child shapes himself

"The child, making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future." - Maria Montessori
A unique range of Infant / Toddler materials
Continuing efforts by Nienhuis Montessori have produced an important broadening of our assortment of materials. Extensive research and consulting with experts in the field of early childhood learning has resulted in a unique range of materials. We continually are expanding this range with new, innovative, specialized products that perfectly suit the young children’s community.
  • Practical life

    The exercises of Practical Life provide a range of activities which allow the children to develop control and coordination of movement...

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  • Movement

    Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning.

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  • Order

    Learning to work in a structured and orderly way will form a great basis for a child’s mathematical skills.

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  • Music

    Rhythm exercises, making music, dancing and singing should be an integrated part of the 0-3 curriculum.

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  • Furniture

    Find here the specifically designed chairs and tables for Infant / Toddlers.

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