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Preposition Twister

Preposition Twister
Article number: 0107B1
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Bring the study of the preposition alive with Preposition Twister, a new interactive grammar game. This activity is played by two, three or four children who each choose noun cards which label them as Child 1, Child 2, Child 3 or Child 4. Players choose from a selection of prepositions to construct simple sentences that define their spatial relationship to one another. Players then demonstrate that relationship with their bodies before they symbolize and record them.

To begin, two players might demonstrate the sentence “Person 1 is behind Person 2”. Play then passes to the next two players. With more than two children playing at the same time, overlapping relationships introduce more complexity. For example, three players might try to represent the sentences “Person 1 is behind Person 2. Person 3 is in front of Person 1. Person 3 is beside Person 2”. Four players can use up to eight noun cards to build four sentences that create an interactive human sculpture. Students then act out their sculpture to see if it is physically possible.

Once mastered, children can extend the game by researching and adding their own prepositions. Preposition Twister isolates the function of the preposition while building on the needs of children 5 to 12 years of age for interactive learning with peers. As they twist and shape their bodies to match their sentences, children gain a visceral understanding of the meaning of this relational part of speech.

Measures: 30 x 12 x 5.5 cm. Designed by Mark Powell.

Brand Nienhuis Montessori