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Here, you will find regurlaly Montessori updates all over the world, spotlights on exciting Montessori schools, and interviews with Montessorians, educational experts, AMI trainers and Montessori teachers. Our editors work with the Montessori material to bring you our best educational experiences, as well as plenty of inspiration for your classroom. Thanks for joining us.


Creating a Positive Environment for Children with ADHD

| 28 November 2017
Concerns related to misdiagnosis and a lack of true understanding have increased as the number of children who are said to suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) continues to rise, and exponentially so, all over the world.  But there is an acute, global fear, that too many children are being diagnosed with the disorder and are unnecessarily suffering from the consequences of being “medicalised”. In fact, one Canadian study has concluded that too many children, about one in 20, with ADHD are taking anti-psychotic drugs. Whether ADHD diagnoses are accurate or not, the greater and more immediate concern is what can be done to support children who find it difficult to concentrate, both at home and at school.  Read more

‘Rebuild Your School’ Campaign

| 18 October 2017
To aid in the recovery of Montessori schools impacted by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, Nienhuis Montessori USA has joined The American Montessori Society in their ‘Rebuild Your School’ Campaign. Read more

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