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Rhyming Activities With Objects

Rhyming Activities With Objects
Article number: EC0603
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The purpose of rhyming is to provide practice in discriminating speech sounds in words which leads to beginning reading. These activities will develop phonemic awareness as well as listening skills and intonation patterns of the spoken language. The program is designed with four different sets progressing from concrete to abstract. Set 1 has 12 rhyming objects which the child places in pairs on the rhyming boards. Set 2 contains 8 objects that rhyme with pictures that are found on the rhyming boards. Set 3 contains 10 rhyming boards with one picture printed on one side of each board and 10 separate cards that contain other pictures which the child has to decide where to place them. Set 4 contains 30 boards with four pictures on each board where the child is asked to identify the pictures that rhyme.

Brand ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 3 years