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Article number: 315000
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The Solaris clock turns telling time into a creative activity. Children can build their own clock using the Solaris components. It is a unique, multipurpose clock. There are several interchangeable faces – Arabic numerals, Roman numerals divided into minutes and a sundial. These clock faces are commonly found in every day life. Introducing the concept of time as a function of the sun and rotation of the earth opens to the children an entirely new perception of time concepts and their relationships. The supplied compass is needed to orient the clock to north and introduces the concept of direction on the planet’s surface (also known as ‘magnetic’ north). Includes: one clock (37 x 31 x 10 cm), with a storage compartment for the clock faces, four interchangeable clock faces in different colors (diameter 27 cm), two removable clock hands, a sundial pointer, a compass, a whiteboard marker and instructions.

Brand Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 6 years