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Timeline Of Maria Montessori (Display)

Timeline Of Maria Montessori (Display)
Article number: TL021
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Printed in full color this Timeline illustrates the life of Maria Montessori based on the biography written by Rita Kramer. The Timeline spans the period of 1870 to 1975. The story presents her books, her life, and her training as her growth unfolds both in her personal life as well as in the acceptance of her words worldwide. Ideal for giving the students the persepecitve of how the Montessori pedagogy was developed and how it has come represent their school. For many training centers it is a fundamental part of the adult learners experience. As with all our Timelines, this one is also constructed from specialized paper that is completely waterproof, will not tear or smudge even if it is wet. All the inks used are completely UV protected so that they won't fade. Material lays flat when rolled out.Because of the durability of the material there is no need for lamination. Dimensions: Full Size: 18" x 9 ft.

Brand ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 6 years