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Timeline Of The Eras

Timeline Of The Eras
Article number: TL020
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The one Timeline that allows children to place all other Timelines into perspective. The one Timeline that shows Big History as well as create the momentwhen children realize what we mean by cosmic education. Explore concepts from the Big Bang to the Human Genome Project.Designed and based on the popular Clock of Eras, this Timeline lists every major event and great lesson into a linear context. However, since it is based on the clock of eras each event is also givena chronological place on a 24 hour clock. Now the child is able to not only see the great ancient civilizations but it can see which order they camein as well as what time they flourished if you could shrink the entire story of our cosmos into 24 hours. It doesn't matter where you got your Timelines. This is the Timeline you will need to use in order to help your students gain perspective and understand the context of history. Now Available as an iBook.

Brand ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 9 years