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Life Cycle Curriculum

Life Cycle Curriculum
Article number: ELC4041
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This complete solution allows you to teach life cycles in an entirely new way. Stop teaching them in isolation. Students are introduced to 6 different life cycles as they are encountered in their own back-yard. To further enhance their learning experience students explore the interconnectedness between each of the species. Everything you will need is included. Life cycle figures are detailed and accurate, sorting cards, nomenclature, rebus books, and a beautiful and highly detailed mat that measures 36" x 36" that is constructed from durable vinyl and doesn't require lamination. Each element on the mat has been carefully constructed, designed, and then pictured making you think you are actually looking at real water, grass and trees. Included life cycle figures are supplied for: • frog • mealworm • bean plant • bee • ant, and • ladybug In addition to the life cycles we have also included the following materials so that each lesson may be given in an accurate and precise manner to further allow the students to understand basic ecology concepts. Included: • Scope and sequence • 3 part nomenclature • rebus books • matching labels • life cycle labels for the various stages • sorting labels Each life cycle will unfold right before your children's eyes, as the students read through the included rebus books that allow them to act out the story using the models, furthering their understanding of Montessori's concept of the cosmic plan.

Brand ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age 9 years